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Decking, waterproofing systems & epoxy flooring.
Waterproofing and Deck Coating Systems (all types) Below Grade Walls, Between Slab Waterproofing, Concrete Waterproofing, Foundation Waterproofing, Under Tile Waterproofing, Pool Decking, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Balcony & Deck Repairs, Planter waterproofing, Floor Leveling, Methane Barrier, Waterproofing without Excavation Contractor for Commercial & Residential.

Waterproofing and Deck Coating Systems (all types) Below grade walls, Between Slab waterproofing, Methane Berrier, Decorative Driveways systems of Commercial, Residential and Industrial.     (new or repair)

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Here are only a few of our projects:
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City Hall in Yuba City, CA

Here GWC-WATERPROOFING. Did a major repair on the water fountains we not only properly prepared the surface with a skin coat, but we had to properly install metal flashing all the way around the water fountains and then we applied a (CIM 1000). CIM 1000 is a two-component high performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough and flexibility elastomeric membrane. This system requires vast experience in applications. If applied by the CIM  specifications this urethane system will last for years to come. Approx 5000 Sq f.

Here are just a few names of the biggest dealerships in Southern California where G W C WATERPROOFING has waterproofed thousands of square feet, from ROOF WATERPROOFING, EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS, PARKING GARAGE FLOOR COATINGS, CONCRETE RESTORATION, and much more. G W C WATERPROOFING specializes in Epoxy Floor Coatings. Here are some pictures from The Galpin Jaguar and Saturn where we are preparing the floor with B-Blast and fixing all  the cracks properly to apply epoxy floor coating to the show room and parking garage, with many colors applied.    

Mansion Square in Davis, CA

Here we found rotten plywood in the walkways G W C removed and replaced the plywood also reinforced the walkway by installing new metal strap, hangers and 2x8 beams. Then removed and replace wood siding and installed new metal flashing around the entire walkways. Finally we waterproofed the walkways with a ALX waterproofing system, manufactured by WEST COAT Specialty coating systems.

Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, CA

Here we found rotten plywood in the walkways and staircases, G W C removed and replaced the plywood then sloped the entire walkways for better drainage. Finally we waterproofed the walkways and stairs with an Elasto fiber deck system, manufactured by A V M industries.

Granite Bay, CA

G W C WATERPROOFING Specialize in Installing EDGE METAL FLASHING, STAIRS METAL FLASHING, DIATTO METAL FLASHING, SCUPPERS and STAIRS METAL NOSING. Here G W C is installing Metal Flashing and Scuppers around BALCONIES, COLUMNS and SUN DECKS To get it ready for waterproofing systems.

Marriott Courtyard in Kauai Hawaii.

At this luxurious hotel with 411 rooms, each rooms balcony had to re- sloped properly and re- waterproofed, the roof was also power washed and re-waterproofed, the expansion joints were also fixed, the courtyard and pool deck is a beautiful custom design that was done by G W C. Waterproofing  

Oak Hurts Court in Beverly Hills, CA. 
Here G W C took it to another level! Not only did we have to properly slope the entire courtyard, Walkways, planter boxes and balconies, but we gave them all beautiful  custom tile designs. A Deck Coating system, Planter below grade waterproofing and Under Tile Waterproofing Systems were done here by G W C Wateproofing   

Fair Oaks Court in Pasadena, CA.

This 31 multi-unit project with underground parking was waterproofed with a Below Grade Waterproofing Systems (vulkem 250) also protection board and drainage pipe was properly installed here. The planter boxes, Balconies and between slab waterproofing system was also done here by G W C Waterproofing.

The Brown's Residence
New port beach, CA
 At this million dollar house, a beautiful custom pattern designs was done on all the sundecks, also a beautiful custom flagstone design was done around the pool deck by G W C Waterproofing.



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